CTE 400 Summer Training

Application for Summer Training


   Students who do not have an F Grade from the courses CTE211 and CTE212.


1. Students have to choose an organization. (CTE Department and Career Development Center will help those students who can not find an appropriate place for Summer Training.)
2. Students apply to the organization with the ST Information Form they will obtain from the CTE ST Coordinator.
3. If the application of the student is accepted by the organization, the organization should complete the ST Information Form, including the following information, and send it to the CTE ST Coordinator:
   * Beginning and end dates of the training,
   * Name of the person who will be responsible for the student during the training,
   * Name of the person responsible from the organization (General Manager etc.),
   * Description of the work to be performed by the student.

Summer Training Follow-Up System

The Summer Training weekly reports must be filled regularly by using the ST Follow-Up System during the training period. The student evaluation page must be completed by the trainee supervisor and must be returned to the Department in a sealed envelope.

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Deadline for submitting summer training preferences:
May 31, 2012