CTE 400 Summer Training

Summer Training


This course aims to provide students with the opportunity to take part in a professional work environment. This experience will allow for students to obtain a general view of the work environment, and to apply the knowledge and experience gained during their courses to real life problems. As well, students will be exposed to educational topics in technology, both from the technology development and teaching perspective, and may participate in the development of educational tools. Upon completion of the training students will then be able to identify learning objectives in order enable them to effectively utilize their remaining education. This thirty day training period is undertaken during the summer break following the successful completion of the third year. Credit units: None ECTS Credit units: None.


The CTE 4-Year Curriculum requires the completion of a thirty (30) work-day Summer Training during the summer following the successful end of third year studies. Summer Training is an important part of CTE Curriculum with the following objectives:

1. to take part in the business world and understand the requirements,
2. to apply the knowledge and experience gained to a real life problem,
3. to obtain a general view of the industry needs and pinpoint some objectives in order to be able to spend the last year of education more effectively,
4. to learn about or experiment with various software/hardware, especially those which are not present in the curriculum.

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Deadline for submitting summer training preferences:
May 31, 2012